Day 1, March 17 08:30-09:00 【Opening Ceremony】
ㆍ Opening Remarks : Eui-yong Chung, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Korea
ㆍ Welcoming Remarks : Kiyoung Choi, Minister of Science and ICT, Republic of Korea
ㆍ Congratulatory Remarks : Rodolfo Solano Quiros, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Worship, Costa Rica
ㆍ Photo Session
09:10-10:30 【Session 1: KOR-LAC Cooperation on Digital Transformation for Building Back Better and Preparing for the Future】
ㆍ Chair : Professor Dongwook Kim, Seoul National University
ㆍ Perspectives of Korea-Latin America Digital Cooperation - Rodolfo Solano Quiros, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Worship, Costa Rica
ㆍ Role of Government to Enhance Digital Transformation - Ho-Yeol Kwon, President of Korea Information Society Development Institute (KISDI), Republic of Korea
ㆍ Grand Transition against the Crisis, Digital New Deal - Dohyun Kang, Director General of ICT Policy Bureau, Ministry of Science and ICT, Republic of Korea
ㆍ Culture and Digital Transformation in Colombia - Adriana Padilla Leal, Vice Minister of Creativity and Organge Economy of Culture, Colombia
ㆍ Challenges of Latin America in the Face of the Fourth Industrial Revolution - Diego Hurtado, Secretary of Planning and Policies in Science, Technology and Innovation at the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation of Argentina (Online)
ㆍ Debate/Q&A Session
10:40-12:00 【Session 2: 5G network – Benefits and Opportunities of the 5G Era】
ㆍ Chair : Chair Dong Ku Kim, 5G Forum Executive Committee (Professor of Yonsei University)
ㆍ 5G+ Strategy Implementation and Future Plans - Seungwon Lee, Director General of ICT Industry Policy Bureau, Ministry of Science and ICT, Republic of Korea
ㆍ Digital Connectivity in Colombia - Walid David, Vice Minister of Connectivity, Ministry of ICT, Colombia (Online)
ㆍ 5G and Public Policies on Digital Connectivity - Pamela Gidi, Undersecretary of Telecommunications, Chile (Online)
ㆍ Korea's ICT R&D for the 5G Future - Sung-Bae Jun, President of Institute of ICT Planning & Evaluation (IITP), Republic of Korea
ㆍ Beginnings and Prospects of 5G in Peru - Diego Eloy Carrillo Purin, Vice Minister of Communications of Peru (Online)
ㆍ Debate/Q&A Session
Day 2, March 18 08:30-10:00 【Session 3: Digital Government and Cyber Security – Integrating Digital Government Services and Tackling the Challenges of Cyber Security】
ㆍ Chair : Professor Pilky Hong, Seoul Digital University
ㆍ Digital Government and Cyber Security - Pedro Brolo, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Guatemala
ㆍ Digital Government of Korea and Cases of Korea Latin America Cooperation - Suwan Jang, Director General of Digital Government Bureau, Ministry of the Interior and Safety, Republic of Korea
ㆍ Honduras- Advances and Consolidation of E-Government in Honduras - Jose Mario Reyes Hernandez, Deputy Secretary of Transparency and in Charge of Digital Government, Honduras
ㆍ Overseas expansion of e-Government projects - Sungmook Cho, Overseas Public Business Account Manager, CAO Public Unit, Republic of Korea
ㆍ Digital Agenda 2020 2030 and Progress in Cyber Security in El Salvador - Vladimir Handal, Secretary of Innovation of the Presidency of the Government, El Salvador (Online)
ㆍ Digital Sovereignty for Information Security in the Government - Carlos Emiliano Calderon Mercado, Coordinator of National Digital Strategy, Mexico (Online)
ㆍ Debate/Q&A Session
10:10-12:00 【Session 4: Smart Cities and smart Farms – Futuristic Vision of Urban Spaces and Agriculture Based on ICT】
ㆍ Chair : Professor Sanghoon Lee, Korea University
ㆍ Smart City and Smart Farming: Scenario, Challenges, Opportunities - Marcos Cesar Pontes, Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Brazil
ㆍ Digital Transformation in the Agriculture Sector - Rodolfo Enrique Zea Navarro, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Colombia
ㆍ Korea Smart Cities Activities with COVID-19 - Daeyeon Cho, Chief Director of Smart Cities Division, Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement (KAIA), Republic of Korea
ㆍ Ecuador: Intelligent Cities - Arturo Cabrera, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ecuador (online)
ㆍ Introduction of Overseas Expansion Cases Based on Korea's Land Digitalization Experience - Song Wook Choi, Executive Officer of SDI, Korea Land and Geospatial Informatix Corporation, Republic of Korea
ㆍ Smart Cities - Javier Lopez Casarin, Chairman of the Technical Council of Knowledge and Innovation (COTECI); Chief Advisor on Innovation to the Mexican Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mexico (online)
ㆍ Lima: Smart Cities - Jorge Muñoz Wells, Mayor of Lima of Peru (Online)
ㆍ Debate/Q&A Session